The 12 Weirdest Perfume Scents, Because You Never Know When You'll Need To Smell Like Crayons

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Even if you're the kind of person who turns away from perfume counters in disgust, it turns out smell may be ruling your life anyway. According to a study in Science in 2013, humans can theoretically distinguish between a trillion different scents. (I am writing this with a cold, so that seems impossible, but it's apparently true.) Scent is powerfully tied to our memory, too; olfactory memory, or recalling something because of a stray smell, is actually a pretty strong and emotive part of our brain function. Perfume's got a hold on us, for better or worse — but some perfume makers are taking that to the extreme and creating the weirdest perfume scents out there.

Avant garde perfume might not have much of a market share — scientists at the University of Bern found out that women actually prefer perfume that, however subtly, reminds them of their own natural scent — but it's certainly bloomed. Now that every celeb has a signature scent, brands want to get in on the act too: you can buy a Bentley perfume, and for a short while Americans could pick up Eau De Pizza Hut and tantalize their mate with the smell of freshly baked pizza dough.

But have you ever wanted to smell of something outlandish, like, say, distilled money, or a farm, or the Plagues of Egypt? If so, this is the scent library for you. Forget alluring: these 13 perfumes are for people who rejoice in others sniffing the air and saying "What IS that smell?!"

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