In Other News: November 1, 2013

Holy hell, it's November. And as if Halloween wasn't scary enough yesterday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked a judge’s order to make changes to New York City's controversial stop-and-frisk policy. As Bustle reported, that policy is under fire for good reason:

The stop-and-frisk tactic used to lower crime rates in New York City has been highly controversial because of the racial profiling that has occurred since its emergence. USA Today reports that the NYPD stopped almost 700,000 people on the street last year. Almost 87 percent of those stopped were black or Latino, about half were frisked, and 10 percent were arrested.

A new judge will now be assigned to hear arguments in March on the formal appeal by the city. That judge may choose to make alterations to Scheindlin's rulings. Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, who's currently leading in the polls, has promised to drop objections to the decision.

Belgium is considering an unprecedented law to provide euthanasia to children.

Obama has created a new climate change task force. Yeah, that seems like something you should wait until your second term for...

These ten corporations own pretty much everything you buy.

Speaking of corporations, Kraft (which is owned by evil cigarette villain Philip Morris by the way) will be removing artificial dyes from [some] mac and cheese.

This photo is making the rounds. Apparently, these women represent the "average faces" around many of the world's countries. They all look like near-models to me...

And finally, happy adorable puppy Friday.

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