Jaden Deleted His Twitter & Fans Aren't Happy

Truly a Blue Monday indeed: Jaden Smith has deleted his Twitter, causing a universal heartbreak nearly as strong as when Kanye disappeared from your feed. (Ye came back though, so there's hope that Jaden will too). Why, we ask? His silence cuts even deeper than his absence. But I suppose he deserves his privacy during this trying time, because as much as we may feel that Jaden Smith belongs to us, he belongs to no one except for himself.

Luckily, the Internet keeps receipts, so we can still revel in the often enigmatic genius young Jaden provided us. The 16-year old clone of Dad Smith provoked us with questions such as [sic] "If A Cupcake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down #Jupiter." Truly, what is gravity? And sage aphorisms such as "Instagram Is Not The Answer." Rude that you did not follow this up by providing what the answer actually is, Jaden!

Who will be our spirit guide now? Many fans feel betrayed and heartbroken, as the lamentations poured out on Twitter. Jaden Smith: why hath you forsaken us? We needed you. You provided the only real answer to the #dress. Some are panicking. All are mourning.

Let us never forget what Jaden Smith gave the world. Even though now we have to forge our own path through this wild, cruel world, maybe that's the lesson he is trying to teach us, in the end. RIP.

May you return in even fuller force, Jaden. We'll wait forever if we have to.