Stop Giving Norman Reedus Your Breast Implants

In his interview on Conan last night, Norman Reedus revealed that a female fan had sent him a breast implant once, because she "read in an interview I sounded depressed, so she sent me her breast implant." Two questions: One, why are women giving Norman Reedus their breast implants? Isn't that something they might, I don't know, need in the future? And two, why would anyone think that Norman Reedus would even want their breast implant? I know he's the one with the crossbow in The Walking Dead and you want to show him you think he's sexy and stuff, but seriously, giving him a breast implant is not the way to do that. He doesn't want it, so stop.

Or, maybe he does, by the way he explains what use he found for this mysterious (used?) breast implant. It's kind of an ingenious solution for something that would seemingly have no use for him — apparently, instead of finding the closest plastic surgeon within a 50-mile radius of that prison TWD films at, Reedus uses the little implant as his "phone cradle" in his trailer. "It's kind of fun," Reedus tells host Conan O'Brien, making us all love him even more than we already did after reading this Buzzfeed post about everything he doesn't give a fuck about. He's too cool for life.