Zendaya's New Shoe Collection Is Here (Sort Of)

It has only been a mere two weeks since we first learned Zendaya is designing a shoe collection with her stylist, Law Roach. Now, Zendaya revealed her first shoe design on social media, and it definitely does not disappoint. That was fast wasn't it? The collection doesn't launch until next Fall, but I guess she was super eager to get the pieces out there and share them with her shoe-aholic fans. Hey — I'm not complaining.

The singer posted a photo to Instagram captioned "I was supposed to wait til today but I got a little carried away #ourfirstshoe." In the picture, Zendaya is rocking the first shoe from her highly anticipated collection — a black strappy stilletto that is absolutely gorgeous. Yes it's a plain black heel, but trust me, this shoe is the farthest thing from basic.

This edgy design features thin leather bands that cross along the foot and tie around the ankle, featuring a cool tassel detail at the end. The super skinny stiletto heel and dainty leather strap at the toes contribute to the elegant vibe. It's the perfect combination of elegant and sexy, making it super versatile — which means you can rock it for just about any occasion.

Check it out below.

This is a really good start, and now I am dying to see what comes next. What do you think? Do you love it or hate it?