Britney Rocked Her Boot With An LBD On 'Ellen'

There is nothing cute (or fun, for that matter) about having to wear a cast, but one of our favorite pop stars just proved us wrong. Britney Spears was on The Ellen DeGeneres' show wearing her new ankle boot and managed to still looke absolutely bangin' in a little black dress. But like, she's Britney, b***h. What did you expect?

Spears injured her ankle last week, and as a result, was forced to cancel several dates from her Piece of Me show (though if you haven't heard by now, she's extending her Las Vegas residency by three months to make up for it!). And to make matters even worse, she had to wear a big 'ol, chunky black boot. But when the 33-year-old stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show on Tuesday, she definitely proved that no injury could slow her down — style wise, that is.

The singer wore a black, long sleeved mini dress with a slit down to her navel. She had her blonde bob in beachy waves, and wore one rhinestoned black peep-toe heel to accompany her black boot. She looked so fantastic, you barely even noticed the boot, and with the all-black monochromatic scheme, it just blended in and doesn't hinder any style statements what-so-ever.

Brit, you look flawless. Now heal up and get back to performing, ASAP!

Images: Getty Images; Cosmopolitan/Twitter