What's Hiding In This Shell Is Shocking And Angry

A good rule for life is that you shouldn't kick people out of their homes. It's just not nice. Don't kick people out of their homes, don't kick animals out of their homes, and especially do not kick octopi out of their homes because apparently they are NOT afraid to tell you off. They can't speak, but they have eight arms that they are more than willing to accusingly point in your direction. If you thought body language was everything before, well, try confronting the angry octopus who just got pulled out of her home. It's not a cute situation at all.

According to Digg, the shell originally had a cockle in it (which is kind of like an oyster and apparently humans think it tastes good). Well, humans aren't the only ones who enjoy cockles. Apparently this octopus ate the original cockle homeowner and took its shell (ice cold, octopus), so in a way, you could say what comes around goes around. Regardless, Squidward... ahem, I mean, this anonymous octopus who definitely did NOT eat Gary, is not having any of this beach-time home wrecking nonsense.

The moral of the story is, do not try to crack open random seashells or you will get yelled at by a random octopus, and you will fully deserve it.

Image: Getty Images; YouTube