Taylor Swift Was A Back Up Dancer In A Jason Alexander Video & The ‘Seinfeld’ Star Won’t Let Her Forget It

Taylor Swift is an international superstar and arguably the best pop singer in the game at the moment — or at least at the very top of the list. She's been getting bigger and better for years, taking over the music world a little more with every album. But fame wasn't just handed to Taylor; she's been working in the industry for over 10 years, starting with a publishing deal for her amazing songwriting skills at the young age of 14. It wasn't until 2006, at the age of 17, that she released her debut album, but the release didn't immediately rocket her to fame. What did? Well, Seinfeld's Jason Alexander claims it was Swift's cameo in Brad Paisley's 2007 music video for "Online".

Alexander, who directed and starred in the video, was being facetious, of course, but this early appearance — which sees Swift dancing with her trademark sass in the background of Paisley's concert — is still worth noting. In the clip, 18-year-old Swift and her long, curly hair "shake it off", so to speak (I'm sorry, I had to) with another, decidedly not famous blonde while Paisley performs "Online" in front of a crowded audience. Why she's there is anyone's guess, but given that Paisley was — and continues to be, for that matter — a major name in the country music scene, and Swift was training to gain her footing within it, it seems like a good match.

Of course, as of 2015, Swift's albums have outsold Paisley's by nearly more than four times. Internationally, Swift fans have grabbed over 40 million copies of her albums, while Paisley's have still racked up an impressive 12 million. Not that it's a competition or anything.

Watch Taylor Swift dance in Brad Paisley's "Online" video below.


Image: Getty Images (1)