Skylar Astin Crooning This Surprising Classic Will Tide You Over Until 'Pitch Perfect 2' — VIDEO

Since Pitch Perfect came out in 2012, everyone has been anxiously awaiting the sequel, and even though there isn't long until it comes out on May 15, it's still torture to count down the days. Thankfully, Skylar Astin sang on Comedy Bang! Bang! , and his interesting performance will tide you over until he and the Treblemakers return. This impromptu karaoke session sounded more like Bing Cosby than B.O.B., even though you wouldn't guess that from his song choice. Let me just say that you'll be transported back to your childhood while also feeling very attracted to Skylar because of his crooning abilities. It's all very confusing.

Oddly enough, there haven't been any Skylar solos in the Pitch Perfect 2 promos and trailers yet. We've seen him with the Treblemakers as they rehearse and battle with other acappella groups, but he hasn't had his big spotlight moment in the sequel footage yet. That will probably change in the movie since he's one of the film's biggest stars, but you never know. Maybe it will be all about the Bellas and their new rivals, Das Sound Machine, competing instead of the whole Bellas vs. Treblemakers rivalry from the first movie. It looks like Beca and Jesse are still going strong, so maybe all of their beef is settled now. Check out Skylar's latest performance below.