Ulta's #MyBeautifulMom Campaign Reminds Us To Tell Our Moms They're Beautiful This Mother's Day

To make Mother's Day a little more special this year, Ulta Beauty started a social media hashtag to honor your mom. Ulta Beauty's #MyBeautifulMom campaign urges people to tell their moms that they are beautiful. In their campaign video, Ulta says that 79 percent of people can't remember the last time they told their moms they are beautiful. This Mother's day, let's all band together and change that statistic. There's no better gift to celebrate mom than with the biggest compliment of all: "Mom, you are beautiful inside and out."

Life is short, and you never know when you may never get to really tell your mom that she is beautiful and that you appreciate her — she did carry you for nine months, deal with your crying, and then raise you for all the years of your life, of course (because we know the raising never stops). Along with their campaign, Ulta has several stories from celebs, too, including Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes, who shared their best beauty secrets from mom — it is a must read!

Ulta's video is touching and encourages you to tell your mom what you are always thinking — that you appreciate her and that she is beautiful. You can submit photos and videos of your mom to Ulta's Facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MyBeautifulMom to keep the sweet trend going. To get some inspiration for your posts, you can search through all of the #MyBeautifulMom videos and photos here.

Watch the full #MyBeautifulMom video below.

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Images: Ulta Beauty/YouTube; Ulta Beauty/Instagram