Lady Gaga's Selfie Gave Us Minimalist Makeup Goals For Summer, From Her Peachy Eyeshadow To Her Coral Lips

There's nothing more gorgeous and understated for summer beauty than a bold cat eye and a coral lip. Lady Gaga's latest selfie featured just that, a minimalist makeup look that's all about creamy, peachy tones with rock and roll statement eyes. I am totally in love and am definitely going to create this look for the upcoming warmer days. It's perfect for an afternoon at the beach or an early evening picnic at the park. And with her thick black tresses, she looks like a total retro summer babe.

So, how does one achieve the look? The basics are simple, and chances are you probably already have them in your makeup drawer: a blacker than black eyeliner, a precise brush for application, a peachy matte eyeshadow, and a high-pigmented, coral gloss.

According to her Instagram, this is the look Gaga wears while running errands. It's deceptively chill, something I like to call the "I'm-not-wearing-much-makeup-but-I-really-am" look. It's a long way from her high-fashion, couture Met Gala look she showed off on the red carpet earlier this week. It's put-together, but not too much, guaranteeing you can pull it off for a work look or for brunch on the weekend with your girlfriends.

While there are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there to help you achieve this look, I found my favorite. Beauty vlogger Desi Perkins put together an awesome walk-through of how to create a warm, light eye with black eyeliner and a peachy lip. In about 10 minutes, you can look like Gaga in her latest selfie. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Desi Perkins on YouTube