The Arrivals Co-Founder Launches Onomie, A Bold & New Cosmetics Line With Only Two Products

It's not everyday that a new cosmetics line launches, but it's definitely not everyday that a new cosmetics line launches with only two products. Onomie, the new beauty collection from Kal Vepuri, one of the founders of outwear label The Arrivals, combines makeup with skincare in its two product lineup—a concealer and a highlighter.

Vepuri partnered with Lauren Hoffman, who previously worked in global product development for Kiehl's, to add some legitimacy to his online-only line with very slim offerings. Onomie seeks to incorporate active skincare ingredients in its makeup so it can compete with both cosmetics brands and skincare brands at a better price point (at least compared to other skincare options). For example, Onomie's highlighter contains 10 percent vitamin C and claims to improve fine lines around the eyes in just eight weeks and only costs $32.

Onomie also seeks to differentiate itself by offering a rewards program that will send free concealer samples to potential customers. Vepuri hopes that this, in combination with the active ingredients in Onomie's concealer and highlighter and online-only retail model, will catch consumers' attention, putting them on the beauty map.

Hoffman says that the brand plans on releasing more products in the future and will focus on making sure they have dual benefits, much like the existing concealer and highlighter. It will be interesting to see if Onomie will be able to break through all of the other beauty brands on the market without an extensive product offering at first. I guess it's better to do two things really well than do a bunch of things only average, right?

Images: Onomie Beauty/Instagram (2)