These Baby Foxes Playing With A Dog's Ball Are So Precious That You Will Want To Recklessly Adopt One Yesterday — VIDEO

I'm not exactly shy about the fact that I'm a big fan of pets, exotic pets included. And foxes? ABSOLUTELY those fall under the umbrella of furry friends I'd like to join my apartment menagerie of critters. I actually used to have a lot of dreams in college about legally adopting a fleet of Fennec foxes as new cuddle companions. Anyway, this new video footage is further proof maybe I should consider making my dream a reality. It captures baby foxes playing with a dog's ball and it makes me wanna scream with glee.

Foxes are actually quite animated little beings, especially as babies. My childhood home backs up to a North Florida swamp, thick with oak trees and Spanish moss. The family dining table sat against a sliding glass door, making for a really nice view of the ivy-covered backyard. Once, while stacking my plate with sliced cucumbers at the table, I looked up to see the weirdest thing: A baby fox was investigating a green plastic pail my sister and I had accidentally left outside. After a little consideration, he took the pink handle in his mouth and trotted off into the forest. We never saw the bucket again (simultaneously making for a good lesson-learning story for our mom) but my opinion on foxes changed forever then. They're not so different from our domestic dog, at all.


THAT LEAP. DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT LEAP?? See it all (more leaps, too) below:

MyLilVideos on YouTube

And now, more proof foxes are basically cuter, better versions of normal domestic dogs:

They like being petted

foxalbiazul on YouTube

My ideal sleeping situation would be completely cocooned in adoring and adorable fox babies. Don't tell my boyfriend as they very easily trump him as a potential cuddle companion.

They like most dog toys

Sakura1kitsune on YouTube

Easy maintenance!

They get along with dogs, too

BRockaDaShocka on YouTube

What about cats? Because I have one of those and I need to know these things. Regardless, looking into fox adoption laws in Georgia now. Bye.

Images: thedeity315/Flickr; YouTube