Owl Poops On Friend And Runs Away, Like A Jerk

Today's jerk comes to you in the form of an owl. An owl I can't help but somewhat admire. Sitting on a roof with his owl pal, after nonchalantly turning, this owl poops on his friend, and then runs away. It's wonderful to behold. Even owls think excrement-related practical jokes are funny and also shameful, which just goes to show you that poop really is universally funny. Or that this particular owl just has a very juvenile sense of human humor.

Watching the video, I have a feeling the pooping owl didn't actually intend to shit on his friend. I think they were sitting there, as owls do, in silence, not really doing much of anything at all, when the owl decided to prank his friend with a fowl smelling fart he had brewing. But as he pushed what he thought was gas out, he realize he monstrously misjudged the situation, and wound up unleashing a horrifying shart instead. Hence the hasty guilt scurry away. We've all been there, right? You think you've got a stinker brewing but what's actually in there is something far more surprising vile and regrettable. The only thing that's really for certain here is that this owl is a jerk, so take comfort in the fact that jerkery extends to the animal kingdom and is not just an exclusively human trait.

Watch the entire ordeal below:

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Images: Getty Images; YouTube