"Robin Williams Impression" Guy Is Back With Gandalf, George W. Bush, And Matthew McConaughey — VIDEO

What do y'know, gang? My YouTube impersonator crush Jamie Costa is back. We already knew he could tackle a convincing medley of Robin Williams characters, but did his talents end there? Obviously not (it takes more than just ONE good impression to win my possibly misguided, digital affections, y'all). In a new video, Costa goes on a roll, impersonating movie stars and politicians and make-belief wizards in a Lord Of The Rings-style tribute. It's called "Gandalf and the Fellowship of the Celebrities", and it is exquisite.

As a thespian club drop-out (I got a drivers license and then a boyfriend, a combination that, according to my 16-year-old heart, could have no attention or energy rival), I can't speak with much authority in evaluating Costa's impressions. However, it seems like so much of his prowess lays in facial expression. The way he twists his lips or gaze, maybe juts out his jaw. It's more effective than an actual costume change, I'd wager. Anyway, he uses perhaps all facial muscles to take on a slew of celeb likenesses with a touch of Tolkien. It's weird because although he looks hands-down the most like Williams (who, yes, makes a cameo in this video), the cavalry of other characters tackled come off just as convincing. Among those, we have:



Obviously, given the video's premise.

Robin Williams


Also obvious.

George Dubya


OK. I'll take it.

The full meeting involving one man and his ragtag team of characters below:

Jamie Costa on YouTube

Someone send this dude a pizza or book on origami or something. Although I love his clear talent and appreciate the videos, the whole outdoors-in-the-middle-of-nowhere aspect of this one makes me a little worried. Or maybe I just don't get art. Either way, I'm into it.

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