17 São Paulo Fashion Week Looks to Amaze: Haute Sweatshirts, Illusion Cutouts, and Neckline Detailing

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While fashionistas were fighting off the cold in Moscow last week, another fashion week was taking place Moscow's polar opposite — sunny São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. Toss all those Brazilian stereotypes out the window before exploring the fashion offerings of São Paulo — you know, the string bikinis, the stretches of sand, the gallons of Caipirinhas (Brazil's national cocktail, people) — the shows were sensual but restrained.

São Paulo Fashion Week is the largest fashion event in South American and one of the largest fashion weeks in the world, and its importance showed in the overall quality of the designs this season. In the past, São Paulo fashion week has come under fire for featuring mainly white models, but in 2009, a quota was imposed upon the event, and now at least 10 percent of the models must be black or indigenous. And of course, Giselle was there, looking as intimidatingly beautiful as ever.

Unlike most other fashion weeks, the one in São Paulo operates a year ahead of schedule (instead of a season ahead), so this time around, designers were showcasing their visions for the fall and winter of 2014. The bad news is that's a long time coming. The good news is there's no reason you can't wear these clothes now.

Image: @nytimesfashion/Instagram

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