The Fashion Institute Of Technology Will Be Expanding Into a State-of-the-Art Facility By 2019

When technology meets fashion, we end up with 3D printed dresses and even high-tech dressing rooms that can recognize what we’ve brought into the room and help us style it with other pieces in the store. So naturally, when I heard about this bit of news, I got super excited: Mayor Bill de Blasio is funding the Fashion Institute of Technology’s expansion with $74 million. Yay!

This money will expand the school with a brand new 100,000 square-foot building (that’s as big as a Macy’s department store), which will have a beautiful modern design with high glass walls on the outside, escalators, and state-of-the-art classrooms. The building’s design still has about a year before it gets passed and finalized, but some of the rough sketches are looking awesome.

The anticipated 10-story building will take approximately three years to build, but even after construction is complete, it looks like more buildings will need to be built in order to alleviate the overcrowding situation at FIT. The campus is going to need to build three more 100,000 square-foot buildings to compensate for the overcrowding, but according to FIT President, Dr. Joyce F. Brown, this building is the, "first new academic building constructed on our campus in over 40 years." So even if it isn’t currently possible to create more buildings, this upcoming 100,000 square-footer is a great start.

Head over to Fashionista to check out the renderings of the building.

Image: mr_wein/Instagram