9 Black & Clear Nail Polish Designs To Inspire Your Goth French Manicure

For a while, black nail polish has had a reputation of being exclusively appropriate for Goth kids/ the winter, but the times they are-a-changing. There's a definite black and clear nail polish trend happening this Spring. It's the Emo French manicure, if you will.

But in all seriousness, let's discuss serious things. Nail polish, for instance. Perusing Instagram, you'll find plenty of impressive designs that utilize both clear and black nail varnish. While the combo may seem a bit minimal, the one-two punch of clear and black allows for some serious creativity. The effect is similar to a black ink tattoo for your nails. And while color is always nice, black accomplishes the rare feat of being simultaneously classic and badass.

You may protest that black isn't a Spring-friendly color, but this is the 21st century — the age of pastel winter coats and fashionable shower sandals. We no longer have any use for oppressive old notions of seasonal color decorum. After all, "Spring" colors — like gender norms and time — are socially constructed. (Hear that? That's the sound of your BRAIN exploding...)

With that, let the following clear and black nail polish designs inspire your next ambitious DIY manicure. Keep in mind: a steady hand and a fair amount of cotton balls are required. The result, however, is well worth it.

Now get out there and make your nail design dreams happen. For your own convenience: I'd advise you find something to rest your elbow on first.

Image: Miss Pop Nails (3), GabyNail, Rainbownails_ (2), NailPolishPony, djdjmm, chapter.29, thetalentedjen