Presidential Candidates Celebrate Mother's Day On Social Media & It's Adorable

The potential 2016 presidential candidates might not agree on much politically, but when it comes to the importance of their mothers and a mother's love, they come together pretty easily. A few of the 2016 presidential hopefuls shared touching Mother's Day messages on social media that are sure to make you wipe away tears — whatever your political affiliation. And their mothers deserve the celebration, because they raised 2016 presidential hopefuls!

Former U.S. Secretary of State and Democrat Hillary Clinton shared a touching video of old photos of her mother, Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham, which called for paid family leave for the women who birth and raise us. In the video, Clinton said her mother "had a childhood that none of us would want." Despite that, Clinton continued, her mother worked hard to give her children opportunities that she herself never had, setting high bars for Clinton at an early age.

Other candidates shared simple photos celebrating Mother's Day, or praised their own wives and mothers by name. Regardless of the form the celebration took, each of the potential candidates recognized the personal, fundamental role that mothers play in all of our lives. Republican hopeful and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz shared a video of his own mother talking about what he was like growing up. On Sunday, economic policy or environmental awareness didn't matter as much to the 2016 potential candidates and their moms. Check out some of their adorable Mother's Day tributes, and give your own mom a hug.

Even New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is "thinking about" announcing a candidacy, according to The New York Times, celebrated on Facebook:

And, of course, President Barack Obama shared some love for his amazing wife and First Lady Michelle Obama.

True to her amazing FLOTUS form, Michelle gave a sweet shout out to her own mother: