Dad Scares His Unborn Baby By Blowing Raspberries On His Wife's Stomach, Makes Pranking In The Womb Officially A Thing — VIDEO

It's weird that when a woman is pregnant, there's a human inside her. I've always really struggled to get my brain around that, more so than the mystery of the universe or anything like that. The fact that a baby grows inside you like an alien is actually the grandest, strangest fact of life I can think of, because that little thing goes from being a weird embryo (which incidentally looks exactly like an alien), to a full on human in nine months worth of body baking. This video of a dad scaring his unborn baby by blowing raspberries on his wife's stomach is further proof that once an embryo becomes a human, it's a freaking bizarre miracle that it's happening inside a woman's body. It's creepy but also entrancing, mind boggling and amazing.

The dad, hysterical with laughter, blows on the mom's bulging belly, and each time the baby inside kicks back. If you're mind isn't blown that this dad is actually INTERACTING with his UNBORN CHILD, then there's something wrong with you. This is one of the most beautiful and one of the craziest things to have to comprehend, if you ask me. AH! The miracle of life! (*said in David Attenborough voice*).

lynellonna on YouTube

Watch and giggle and have your mind melted below:

lynellonna on YouTube

This should act as further proof for Ross on Friends, that the baby inside the womb, at a certain point, develops to where it can actually hear what's happening outside the womb.

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And if you're a little bit freaked out by that movement, remember, it could be much worse:


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