Doughnut S'mores By Oh Bite It Just Became Your New Favorite Summer Treat — Get The Gooey Recipe

Few things scream "summer" like cooking up a few gooey s'mores over a cozy campfire, and nothing screams "supreme happiness" like this super sweet twist by Oh, Bite It. We think it's safe to say doughnut s'mores, stuffed full of sticky marshmallows and yummy Nutella, are about to become your new favorite treat.

So, I know this "recipe" seems self explanatory, but when I shared Buckeye s’mores, many of you emailed me for the method and recipe, so I figured I'd give more detail for those of you who would like it for these doughnut s'mores... and also, so you can have some more amazing visuals. Here we go!

Grab some donuts — your favorite variety will work. I used glazed. Split them in half. Toast up some marshmallows (I toasted mine over a gas stove). If you don't have a way to toast them, simply use marshmallow cream. Scoop out some Nutella. (Why Nutella? Um, because NUTELLA.) Place a few gooey marshmallows or a smear of marshmallow cream onto one half of the doughnut, and smear the chocolate of your choice onto the other half. Smush those two doughnut halves together with loving force. Sprinkle them with graham cracker crumbs if you so choose. Sink your teeth into one of them, feel the happiness as it enters your face, the joy as it fills your mouth with everything that's right in this world, and enjoy.

Images: Oh Bite It