Taylor Swift & Jaime King Bond Over The Actress' Pregnancy & Seem To Subtly Reveal The Baby's Sex — VIDEO

When celebrities get pregnant, fans can't help but wonder, "Is it a boy or a girl?" Well, it looks like we don't have to wait any longer when it comes Jaime King's second baby. On Monday, Taylor Swift shared a video of King's baby bump via Instagram. First, yes, it's a super cute video. Second, based on what King says in the video, it looks like we now know if she's having another boy or if it's a girl this time.

Before we get to the baby's sex, let's talk the adorable video. As you can watch for yourself below, Swift has her hand on King's bare baby bump waiting for the little one to move. The baby does just that and the singer couldn't be more excited. Of course, seeing as Swift is godmother to King's second child, why wouldn't she be?

Swift says, while laughing, "Oh my god!" Then, King says, "He's sticking his arm out for you." There you have it, King said "he." So does that means she is having another boy? Probably, but it isn't an official announcement. There's a chance King didn't find out whether she's having a boy or a girl herself and just used the pronoun "he" because that's what came to mind. Or maybe she is hoping for a baby boy?

That said, there are more clues out there. The actress also shared the following about her friend's most recent encounter with the baby. On Monday, she tweeted the following:

Again, King says "his," so it definitely sounds like she's expecting another son. Either way, it's an exciting time.