In H&M's Holiday Campaign, Christy Turlington Defies Aging

While most former models' faces and bodies succumb to life and gravity like the rest of us, Christy Turlington has seemingly figured out how to dodge all of it and age flawlessly. Exhibit A: The 44-year-old supermodel beams as the star of H&M's upcoming holiday campaign, alongside 25-year-old Liu Wen and 28-year-old Doutzen Kroes. Although she's almost double the age of her co-models, you wouldn't even know — except for the fact that she has one of the most famous faces in the world.

2013 has been a huge year for the mother-of-two. Not only has she just recently starred in Calvin Klein's ad campaign (which supporterd her non-profit Every Mother Counts), she was also the face of Prada and Jason Wu earlier this year. Turlington also just completed the NYC marathon this weekend, running 26.2 miles for her charity.

This news sent us down a Google rabbit hole of clicking through pics of Christy Turlington's age-defying face... have we lost you to it, too? Wait! Come back! Here, 3 of our favorite looks from her 26-year-long career:

1. Christy Turlington for Eternity, circa 1988: Just a year after the California native began her modeling career, Calvin Klein chose Turlington to be the face of their new blockbuster fragrance Eternity. Even as a teenager, she commanded the black and white ads with her cat-like gaze and natural, beachy curls.

2. Christy Turlington for Chanel, circa 1991: Soon after her career skyrocketed as the face of Calvin Klein, Turlington was snatched up by Karl Lagerfeld to become the face of Chanel. The Kaiser was once quoted describing the supermodel's face as perfection, saying,"The structure of her face is remarkably beautiful. In front of the camera, something happens, as if the light came on, and when you look at her, you think, 'It just can't be, such perfect faces just don't exist!"

3. Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein, circa 2013: Yes, we know this ad just came out, and although there are countless campaigns that almost made our short list (see: Turlington for Gianni Versace), we'll put it simply: She's never looked as good as she does now. Apparently 44 is the new 22... if you're Christy Turlington, of course.