Mindy Kaling Covers 'InStyle,' Reveals Her Biggest Fashion Splurge In Behind-The-Scenes Video

We may still be sobbing over the cancellation of The Mindy Project and drowning our sorrows in last season's reruns, but at least we have some brand new pictures of the gorgeous Mindy Kaling to look at. Mindy Kaling covers InStyle next month and the magazine just took us behind the scenes with a video.

First of all, can we give this woman some props for earning herself the title of the first Indian-American cover girl of the glossy? We may have had to wait far too long, but at least the wait appears to be worth it once you lay your eyes on this photo of the crazy talented #girlboss, rocking her Michael Kors floral dress.

In the behind the scenes video of the cover shoot, shot on some beautiful Malibu beaches, Kaling divulges her style secrets and aesthetics. Her biggest fashion splurge? A men's Rolex watch after the first season of The Mindy Project wrapped up to make her feel "a little gangster," of course. And those bright and colorful, in-your-face looks you see her wearing on the red carpet? Yup, that's all Mindy.

She gives herself a much deserved pat on the back for styling most of her own red carpet looks, living by the mantra that "more is more."

Check out the rest of the behind the scenes video to hear about what Mindy wears on her days off and her most recent favorite purchase on InStyle.com.

Images: InStyle