How To Order A Beer Around The World, Because Obviously It's The Most Important Travel Tip Ever — INFOGRAPHIC

There are many wonderful aspects to traveling abroad: Seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and of course, eating all the food you can stuff in your face. But how do you order a beer in, say, France? Or Greece? Or Japan? Or just about any other country you can think of where you don't speak the language? Well, I've got excellent news for you: Some kind soul out there put together an infographic that should answer all your international beer ordering-related questions.

Cheap Flights' New Zealand site treated us to this magnificently helpful little graphic in honor of the country's burgeoning craft beer scene. With breweries like Emerson Brewery in Dunedin and Wigram Brewing Company in Christchurch hitting the big time, writes the travel site, it's expected that worldwide demand for New Zealand-brewed beer is going to triple over the next 10 years or so. But if they're going to hit the global stage, we're obviously going to have to know how to order them — which is exactly where this infographic comes in.

In one handy chart, it lists how to order a brew in 22 different countries. Although English-speaking places like Australia and the UK aren't on there (because, as Cheap Flights puts it, that's child's play), it does have instructions on how to order a beer in one extremely particular U.S. location: Hawaii. While it's true you can definitely order a beer in English in Hawaii… well, let's just say that knowing how to do it in Hawaiian too can only help your case.

Check out the full infographic below — because you never know when you're going to need to know how to ask for a beer in Samoan.

Images: Fotolia; Cheap Flights New Zealand