Mindy Kaling's Brows Are On Fleek In Her Latest Instagram Photo, Teases Upcoming High Fashion Shoot

May might be turning out to be a bittersweet month for Mindy Kaling (she landed the June cover of InStyle, but The Mindy Project was cancelled), but she's maintaining a positive attitude and keeping busy. In her latest Instagram photo, Mindy Kaling's brows are on fleek for what we can only assume will be a fabulous photo shoot.

Although Kaling's everyday style involves gray t-shirts, boyfriend jeans, no makeup, and no jewelry, her latest photo shoot, which she teased on Instagram, proves to be the complete opposite. She rocks a deep, plunging neckline and a dazzling diamond necklace. It certainly looks high fashion, and in another shot she says "tits and carats" are necessary for high fashion shoots. Of course. She also wore L'Dezen rings on almost every finger. Flawless.

Kaling admits her high-end looks can be a little overboard, but only in the best way. "My style on the show, and for a lot of red carpet events, has a 'more is more' aesthetic," Kaling said in her recent interview with InStyle . "I love colors and prints and layering."

You know what would've completed this look? Kaling's Rolex, which she told InStyle she splurged on to "feel a little gangster" after completing season 1 of The Mindy Project.

Kaling looks amazing as is in her laid back, everyday uniform, but you have to admit — girl looks incredible decorated in diamonds and jewels!