Miley Cyrus And Bella Hadid Had A Sleepover, And Face Masks & Lots Of Hair Extensions Were Involved

If you guessed sleepovers between celeb BFFs were crazy fabulous, you were right. Miley Cyrus and Bella Hadid had a sleepover and according to Instagram, things "got f-cking hairy," thanks to an excessive amount of hair extensions.

Both girls were Instagramming their time together, sharing shots of the two of them in facial masks and playing with hair extensions. We have a serious case of envy — Bella and Miley are two girls who obviously know how to throw a party. They took selfies and indulged in beauty routines. Whether or not they painted each other's nails or braided said hair extensions is yet to be determined.

The former Disney sweetheart was wearing a very non-Disney outfit during the get-together: ripped black fishnets, black hot pants, and a plunging white shirt with a striped tie. Oh, Miley.

Hadid, little sister of the super model Gigi Hadid, wore something a little more low-key: what looks like a scrappy black dress (or tank) and some delicate jewelry. The brunette joined Miley in a swanky L.A. hotspot for ice cream and quality time, proving these two are BFFs we'd love to hang out with.

One of the photos posted features Cyrus on a bed covered in fake hair in various shades of blonde, pink, and gray. Can we expect a dramatic hairstyle change from Cyrus anytime soon? Or maybe it's just a normal sleepover activity for Cyrus and Hadid.