Jessica Minh Anh's J Summer Fashion Show Will Take Place At A Powerplant, And It's Going To Be Extremely High-Tech

The last time model and fashion show director Jessica Minh Anh was in charge of a fashion show, it was clear that her creativity skills were perfectly over-the-top. At the time of her Eiffel Tower fashion show, it seemed almost impossible that she could ever outdo it, but Jessica Minh Anh’s J Summer Fashion Show is about to blow her Eiffel Tower concept away.

Last fall, Minh Anh’s concept was all about capturing the essence of iconic monuments. It was filled with extravagant dresses, beautiful patterned prints, and the ever-so-memorable Eiffel Tower updo. But this summer on July 17, Minh Anh is taking her solar-powered concept to greater heights, combining technology with fashion. The J Summer Fashion Show will be at Gemasolar in Seville, Spain and the catwalk will be approximately 329 feet long. The powerplant is entirely solar-powered and it produces electricity 24 hours a day. That means even after the sun sets, it is utilizing the energy that it gathered during the day in order to last until sunrise.

To further integrate technology, the fashion show will be filmed by flying drones — kind of similar to the one KATSU used to graffiti Kendall Jenner’s Calvin Klein ad. Seeing how Minh Anh meshed her monument concept with each models’ outfits, I’m guessing we'll get to see some pretty sick powerplant-inspired dresses.

Image: jessicaminhanh/Instagram