A Sunset On Mars Is Blue And Black And Looks All Kinds Of Creepy — PHOTO

"Who's got six wheels, a laser and is now on the Red Planet? Me." So begins NASA's Curiosity rover on its Facebook page, where Curiosity spent last week waxing lyrical about that blue sunset Curiosity saw that time. "Let us go then, you and I/When the evening is spread out against the sky/Like a blue sunset on Mars," Curiosity wrote last week. Yes, we see what you did there, Curiosity. And yes, it's a lovely sunset, albeit a bit... eerie.

Sunsets from Mars look a whole lot like sunsets from Earth, it turns out, aside from the colors of the horizon. Those colors are blue and black, from a light blue as the sun sits higher in the sky to a darker blueish-black as it goes down. NASA explained in a press release about the blue sunset — the first sunset of Mars to ever have been caught in color — that "dust in the Martian atmosphere has fine particles that permit blue light to penetrate the atmosphere more efficiently than longer-wavelength colors."

It looks a little like the end of a movie about the apocalypse. Which is ironic, because if the Mars One mission gets its way, 2020 will see the beginning of human life on Mars and 100 eager humans will be watching that blueish sunset every freaking night. (I assume they won't have Netflix on Mars.)

Here's a GIF of the sunset that NASA made earlier.

And the photo Curiosity took in all of its creepy glory.

So what is Curiosity doing on with its days? Well, aside from trekking through Mars all by itself, all the time, it's very active on Facebook and Twitter.

Curiosity might have been lonely this past Valentine's Day, but it didn't let on.

But it got a little dramatic on its Facebook page.

You do you, little guy.

Images: Curiosity/Facebook, NASA, Curiosity