Women Review Forever21 Graphic Tees For BuzzFeed And It Will Have You Re-Thinking Your Shopping Habits — VIDEO

Graphic Tees: We hate to love them, and love to hate them, but somehow we just keep buying them. In a recent BuzzFeed video, women review Forever21 graphic tees, reading their ridiculous quotes and judging them hard. But, let's be honest here, we've all been there.

Hear me out. You see an inviting black tee with “J’Adore” embroidered in white script lettering across the front. It's practically calling your name. So you mosey on over. You're thinking “this is cute,” as you take it off the rack and hold it arms length. You’re not French, but your second cousin’s husband is, so that counts, right?

“J’Adore.” People will think you’re so cultured. But you don’t speak French. You took Spanish all four years of high school. You don’t even like French food. Escargot? Escar-no. But wait — isn't “J’Adore” what Charlize Theron whispers seductively into the camera at the end of her Dior fragrance commercial? That settles that. You have to have it. Another one bites the $12.50 dust.

When it comes down to it, your personal style is yours. If you believe deep down in your soul of souls that a graphic tee most accurately expresses who you are to the world, then wear it and own it.

David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

However, some graphic tees are just a jumble of words that may sound good in theory, but make little to no sense. I've collected the best of BuzzFeed's reactions to the following four tees. Prepare to laugh and inevitably re-think the next graphic tee you pick up.

1. Falling In Love Kills Creativity

"Case and point: Taylor Swift. You're welcome."

2. Yes, I'm An Actual Cat. Meow. Now Please Go Away.

"Is this a response-to-cat-calling shirt? Because I might like it."

3. My Commute Is Better Than Yours

"It's drugs. My drugs are better than yours."

4. Stop Following Me

"Okay. Get over yourself."

Check out the whole video below.