This Chick Can Lick Her Own Eye

You can be Internet famous for ANYTHING these days. (Not throwing shade, just stating this obvious here, friends.) We've seen a very grumpy cat build an empire, and there are certain puppies of Instagram who have more followers than everyone I know combined. But body part fame is a whole different genre. You've got your butts that break the Internet, and now, you've got a girl with a super long tongue going for the world record.

Seriously, Adrianne Lewis' tongue is 4 inches long, which very well might be the longest tongue in the world. She's built an Internet following and viral videos around her tongue. You have to hand it to this 18-year-old girl from Michigan: She knows her brand and ain't afraid to rock it.

What were your #goals at 18? Make a valedictorian speech? Find a great college? Not trip over your dress at prom? Adrianne's trying to be crowned a Guiness World Record breaker. Sounds pretty within reach for a girl who can touch her nose, chin, elbow and eye with her tongue.

The longest tongue ever recorded (currently) is 3.9 inches long. So Adrianne's is a whooping 0.1 inches away from STARDOM. Immortalized tongue stardom, that is.

Is it actually the longest tongue in the world? You be the judge:

How 'bout at this angle?

She's probably headed for her own episode of Ripley's.

LongTongueLewis' YouTube videos are also worth checking out, if you have a long tongue fascination. (Judging by her 2,000 subscribers and 80,000 views, I'd say more people have that fascination that you'd expect.)

She's ~promoting her brand~ on her channel:

And answering her fans questions in a—I kid you not—Tongue Q&A.

She legitimately gets asked if she's A) a real person, and B) worried about herself. Life's TOUGH on the Internet. What kind of questions are those?!

The best part of all these videos is that she insists on a clean comments section. You GO, chick.

Images: YouTube