15 Unexpected Celebrity Friendships of 2013

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X-Men actors Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart may be enemies on the big screen, but they're BFFs in real life. Magneto and Professor X actually first met when acting in the Royal Shakespeare company in the 1970s, but started to really bond on the X-Men set. The pair showed the world their impossibly adorable bromance over Twitter this year while they both performed in two Broadway plays together, Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land. Their selfies were all over New York: They wore bowler hats! They ate corn! They went to Madame Tussaud's! They posed by the Stonewall memorial! They went jogging! They drank beer! They went on top of the Empire State building! They put two thumbs up in front of some trash! The two are so close that McKellen even officiated Stewart's wedding to singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell this year.

Mckellen and Stewart may have been "homies forever," but they aren't the only famous best friends. We saw all types of new friendships blossom this year, for better or worse — and some of them were completely unexpected. But hey, everybody needs a bestie, even celebrities. So here's some of the more surprising friendships that came out of 2013. Feel the love.

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