The 15 Best Memes of 2013 (Remember #Teoing?)

Some things are truly best captured through a series of satirical or ridiculing images — at least, that's what the Internet would have you believe thanks to the world of memes. A meme is — for all you Olds playing along at home — a co-opted element or moment in popular culture that is then reenergized by its humorous re-contextualization. Also: it's just funny pictures. Sometimes of stupid things, other times of clever ones. And well, they really help you pass the day.

Because who doesn't like to laugh? Monsters and Tommy Lee Jones, only, it seems. So why not take a peek at some of the more humorous moments in EntertainMEMEnt (see what I did there?!) through the subversively bizarre world of the Internet's favorite framework: stupid/funny shit. Laugh on — it's the end of 2013, you deserve a chuckle at the expense of Amy Poehler's missing teeth.

'The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Hates Salad

“Why must you make me eat all the greens? Whyyyyyyy?” Image: NyahMeh/MemeCenter

Julia Stiles on Things

Run for your LIFE! It’s Julia Stiles on things, or in this case, on Thing. Image: Julia Stiles on Things/Tumblr

The Super Bowl Blackout

The Super Bowl Super Dome blackout: the most interesting thing to happen in sports in 2013. Image: IndyHipHop

Swedish Chef Gordon Ramsay

Mocking someone’s overactive anger via puppetry is always hilarious. Image: Awkward Elevator/Tumblr

Thumbs and Ammo

Trade your guns for thumbs and watch the hilarity roll. Image: Thumbs and Ammo


Aww, look: Clint Eastwood’s empty chair found a girlfriend at last: Manti Te’o’s imaginary girlfriend! Image: Te’oing/Tumblr

Grumpy Tommy Lee Jones

Ooh, ooh, I can play this game because one time I interviewed Tommy Lee Jones and, yes, he was terrifyingly grumpy. In that old gramps sort of way, but still. What a grumpy cat. Image: FunnyPik

Joffrey Bieber

The King in the North! Because he’s Canadian. Image: Joffrey Bieber/Tumblr

Sad Robb Stark

Poor Robb Stark — he never really had a chance, did he? Image: Reddit

North West

I mean this one sort of just begged for it, right? Image: Brittany Lewis/GlobalGrind

Bad Luck Leo

Sorry you didn’t get that Oscar AGAIN, buddy. Image: Rainbow DeadPool/Know Your Meme

Surprised Patrick from 'SpongeBob Squarepants'

“Wait a seco—Mrs. ROBINSON!!?!” Image: Emmak6/BuzzFeed

Goat Screaming Taylor Swift

She knew you were trouble when you walked in, now she’s lying on the cold, heard ground AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There may be nothing better on the Internet. Image: WPTS

Actresses without Teeth

Sorry about your teeth, Amy. But imagine all the comedy! Image:

Unflattering Beyoncé

Would it be flattering if I told you yours was the funniest meme of 2013, Bey? No? Oh, OK then. Image: Know Your Meme