The 15 Best Memes of 2013 (Remember #Teoing?)

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Some things are truly best captured through a series of satirical or ridiculing images — at least, that's what the Internet would have you believe thanks to the world of memes. A meme is — for all you Olds playing along at home — a co-opted element or moment in popular culture that is then reenergized by its humorous re-contextualization. Also: it's just funny pictures. Sometimes of stupid things, other times of clever ones. And well, they really help you pass the day.

Because who doesn't like to laugh? Monsters and Tommy Lee Jones, only, it seems. So why not take a peek at some of the more humorous moments in EntertainMEMEnt (see what I did there?!) through the subversively bizarre world of the Internet's favorite framework: stupid/funny shit. Laugh on — it's the end of 2013, you deserve a chuckle at the expense of Amy Poehler's missing teeth.

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