What's The Song In The Chase Freedom Dog Costumes Ad? This Vampire Weekend Deep Cut Is A Jam — VIDEOS

Uh oh. Chase has really done it this time. The credit card company went and unleashed (sorry not sorry) an advertisement into the world that is just 30 seconds of pups wearing truly exquisite ‘stumes. Oh, but the magic doesn't stop there: The ad also happens to feature music by Vampire Weekend. Ridiculously adorable pooches + goofy outfits + a great, high-energy indie rock ditty = an unstoppable combo. Every time the ad graces my TV set with its presence, my eyes remain glued to the screen. Big fan of the song choice, big fan of the pooches. I don't know any of the dogs' names (I dropped the ball. My apologies), but I do know the name of the tune (I recovered the ball! I recovered the ball!). The song in the Chase Freedom dog costume ad is “Worship You” by Vampire Weekend. It appears on the band’s critically acclaimed 2013 release, Modern Vampires of the City.

I personally have yet to have the privilege of dressing up a pup for Halloween (the dogs I grew up with were vehemently anti-‘stume), but I’ve always admired the artistry, will always click on any and every dog costume listsicle, et cetera. Who was the very first human to dress up a Dachshund like a hot dog? That human deserves an award, nay, a statue. Real talk: that human is my hero.

Here's "Worship You" by Vampire Weekend:

And here are the canines and their fantastic getups:

I hate to pick a favorite, but that three-headed Dachshund is a sight to behold.

Image: iSpot.tv