What Was That About Nicki Minaj, Van Halen?

The Billboard Music Awards are filled with the most current music in the industry. So, I think it was cute that Van Halen performed at the Billboard Music Awards. Because they're, like, not a part of that group. I get it, they're "iconic." They're "historical." They're Van Halen. But let's call a spade a spade, Van Halen needs some major 2015 push to keep the attention of One Directioners. So how does one of the most well-known American rock bands modernize themselves? By singing about Nicki Minaj, of course. Except, maybe David Lee Roth shouldn't have done that... especially in the capacity he did.

To recap what happened: Van Halen was performing "Panama" like it was 1984. No, really. It was going great for the band, they were having fun, and Taylor Swift and Zendaya looked to be enjoying it, so I was also enjoying it. But then I hear the words Nicki Minaj come out of Roth's mouth and I think, "NICKI MINAJ IS COMING OUT ON STAGE. ALERT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

Oh, I was so wrong.

Not only did Nicki Minaj not come out on stage to change things up, but after doing a quick rewind, I realized Roth said "I'm going to reach down between my legs, and I'm going to get Nicki Minaj to help me ease my seat back." Excuse me, sir?

Couple things: One, I don't get it. Two, do we think Nicki Minaj knows this happened? Three, could Nicki Minaj pick David Lee Roth out of a line-up? But seriously, I'm thinking it was a sexual reference that I'm just too naive to understand. Overall, I didn't like it. Please don't do that to us Van Halen. We were already being very accepting of you performing when all we really wanted was a second viewing of "Bad Blood."