15 Phrases We Learned From TV and Movies in 2013

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Everybody loves a catchphrase, don't they? They're zingy little zip of wonderful wordness. You know, those ever-effusive, never-elusive bits of repeated wordplay? It's the stuff that makes certain movies, TV shows, characters, songs — you name it! — all the more memorable. Sometimes, even, these witty words are such an exercise in cleverness that they find a way to get you to say them all the live long day. I mean, why else are you still making "That's what she said" jokes, right?

And in 2013 there were plenty of them: from TV, to movies, and even in music, these funny tidbits have lodged themselves deep into the recesses of your pink brain stuff and made it impossible to live a life wherein they aren't used at least 15 times a day. OK, so maybe that's a stretch — but still. Admit it, you love a catchphrase!

And so do we — so click onward and take in the best of what 2013 had to offer by way of the catchphrase. Can you dig it?

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