15 Phrases We Learned From TV and Movies in 2013

Everybody loves a catchphrase, don't they? They're zingy little zip of wonderful wordness. You know, those ever-effusive, never-elusive bits of repeated wordplay? It's the stuff that makes certain movies, TV shows, characters, songs — you name it! — all the more memorable. Sometimes, even, these witty words are such an exercise in cleverness that they find a way to get you to say them all the live long day. I mean, why else are you still making "That's what she said" jokes, right?

And in 2013 there were plenty of them: from TV, to movies, and even in music, these funny tidbits have lodged themselves deep into the recesses of your pink brain stuff and made it impossible to live a life wherein they aren't used at least 15 times a day. OK, so maybe that's a stretch — but still. Admit it, you love a catchphrase!

And so do we — so click onward and take in the best of what 2013 had to offer by way of the catchphrase. Can you dig it?

"It's Handled."

Scandal's Olivia Pope gets shit done, and when she tells you it's handled — oh SHIT is it ever HANDLED.

"Hey There, Old Sport"

Suddenly, talking like you're from the twenties has gone from being annoying to cool again. Thanks Leo!

"Not Great, Bob!"

Pete Campbell: shutting Bob Benson down on Mad Men in only the Pete Campbelliest of ways.

"Hello Ladies!"

Todd Oren/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The goofily charming way Stephen Merchant bumbles through saying "Hello, ladies" during each episode of the HBO series with the same name is too funny not to use on a semi-regular basis (but only with the accent included).

"Tread Lightly."

Never mess with an angry meth kingping... or anyone else that says this insta-iconic Breaking Bad phrase to you.


Scandal shows up on the list not once but twice thanks to Olivia Pope's emotive ways.

"You're Damn Right!"

Maybe it was the combination of M.I.A.'s song "Bad Girls" playing while she said it, but something about Tatiana Maslany's utterance of the phrase while trying to mimic the accent of one of the clones on Orphan Black makes it impossible not to use in daily life.


OK, so this one's technically been around for two years, but given that it's the last year this phrase will likely ever be uttered again by the Doctor (well, at least not by, Eleven a.k.a. Matt Smith), as he's set to regenerate come Christmas day, we might as well give it to him. Also it's the 50th anniversary of the series this year, so no doubt it'll be uttered a bunch come November 23.

"Go Period Fuck Period Yourself Exclamation Point!"

There is no better Vice President than Selina Meyer (sorry, Joe). But if we had our way she'd be The President of the United States of Insults (a country we'd gladly sign up for).

"Excuse The Shit Out of Me!"

The Heat will never get old. Neither will well-placed swears.

"I Came In Like a Wreeeeeeeecking Baaallllllll!"

Thanks a lot, Miley. Now every entrance to any room is a bit more dramatic.

"Channing Taint-Yum"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because even though Danny McBride said it in This is The End, we were all thinkin' it (well OK maybe minus the taint part).

"Spriiiiiing Breaaaaaak Forevaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

This needs no caption.

"What Does The Fox Say?"

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nyeaaaaaaa neeee neeeee naaaa naaay neeee naaaaow, I believe.

"Yeah, BITCH!"

There were so many good versions of this that happened into existence this year: we couldn't pick just one. So JESSE PINKMAN FOREVER.