Who Is Lindsey Stirling, The Violinist Who Performed During The Paul Walker Tribute At The Billboard Music Awards?

During a moving tribute to the late and great actor Paul Walker at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday May 17, Wiz Khalifa performed his hit "See You Again" alongside Charlie Puth. The performance was truly touching, and one person adding to the experience was a highly skilled violinist, Lindsey Stirling. If you're like me, you immediately took notice of Stirling's deft skills, but weren't exactly sure who she was at first. With her apparent music prowess and flame-colored coif (not to mention a bedazzled romper that was truly on fleek), Stirling can certainly stand out in a crowd, but who is she?

Well, after some investigation, I discovered that Stirling isn't quite as new to the scene as I originally thought. She garnered fame as a Youtube star, where she went viral after posting a the video "Crystallize." There's no doubt about it: this girl is basically oozing talent and knows how to shred on a violin.

Along with gaining viral Internet success, she has caught the eye of other celebrities due to her inimitable talents, including one Mr. Josh Groban. In what may be one of the best videos I've seen in quite some time, Stirling, Groban, and a team of muppets pair up to engage in an epic rendition of "Pure Imagination". Check out the video below:

Lindsey Stirling on YouTube

Along with her viral success and catching the eye of celebs — Khalifa clearly made a phenomenal choice having her perform alongside him at the Billboard Music Awards — Stirling has over 400 thousand followers on Twitter, and judging by the nonstop dispersing of enigmatically engaging videos, we're bound to be hearing much more from her in the future.