Will Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Collaborate On Music? It Would Be So Romantic!

If a passionate kisses on the cheek any indicator of relationship status, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have basically DTR-ed. At the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Harris kissed Swift on the cheek as she went up to accept an award, so I think we can all officially take those relationship rumors at face value. One would think that the next step in their relationship would be to make music together, so I can't help but wonder whether Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris will collaborate.

As fate would have it, Swift and Harris reportedly first hit it off over their musical tastes. The pair met at an after-party for this year's Brit awards, and allegedly spent the whole evening gabbing about music. Given the fact that they're both musicians who formed their initial bond over, well, music, it just makes intuitive sense that they'd eventually work on something together. I'm sure they've floated the idea during one or more pillow talk sessions.

Actually, rumors of Swift and Harris collaborating broke even before romantic rumors surfaced. In late March, The Mirror speculated about the possibility of the country-turned-pop star and the EDM artist teaming up to make some sweet, sweet music. A source of the news outlet said, "Taylor is producing more dance music now and would love to write a track with Calvin."

Furthermore, Harris has collaborated with a few of Tay's famous music industry buddies. In early 2015, he released "Pray To God" featuring Haim. He's also worked with his former flame/current Swift buddy Ellie Goulding a few times. As his new lady, I would imagine Tay would be next on the list.

And while at the moment, there haven't been any announcements about a collaboration, I wouldn't surprised if one was on the horizon. Given the fact that they're a couple and probably together all the time, getting together to write would be more convenient than ever. They could literally sit in bed all day with a guitar, a computer, and croon away. Is there anything more romantic? Add some Seamless-ordered pad thai into the mix, and the answer is a resounding no.

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