'The Tomorrow People' Get Their Party On

It's rough living underground as part of a futuristic society, imbued with the powers of the next stage in human evolution – just ask the Tomorrow People. Luckily, there's one clear solution when things get really stressful: Break all of your own survival rules and party. So that's just what the Tomorrow People do in this week's "All Tomorrow's Parties."

Only, you know, that whole party plan might not have been the best one. Still on the fence? Here are four reasons to convince you.

1. It breaks protocol. I'm not saying you can't ever break the rules, but doing it just to get some drinking and dancing on isn't worth it. The Tomorrow People live underground and in constant fear of Ultra – and with good reason. They're being hunted down and only one of them can fight back with lethal force (not that any of them knew that before this week's catastrophe. It's revealed when they're ambushed by Ultra agents after the party crashing goes awry). They have a set of rules for themselves not for the sake of being militant, but to very directly impact their own survival.

2. Cara's testing her relationship. I'm all for openness and honesty in my TV relationships, and Cara is mostly just being manipulative. The weird love triangle brewing between John, Cara and Stephen (really, I can't be the only one who's weirded out by this can I? Stephen is in high school and Cara and John appear to be grown up people) is pushing Cara to test her relationship with John. She openly confronts him about their normalcy (which is all amazing, special, awesome people on TV ever want, but give me super powers over a "normal" relationship any day) and he openly tells her that they are not a normal couple. She proceeds to lead the rest of their people to a party above ground, silently daring him not to show up.

3. John knows best – except when he goes along with Cara. I've established my pro-John sentiments more than once, and I have to say: Nothing good happens when John goes along with Cara, Stephen or anyone else. I'm sure this lone wolf will eventually need to learn that he can depend on his team for support and guidance, but not until they start doing anything right ever. Yes, he might be on a dark path, on his way to abusing the power to kill. Yes, he might lack a fundamental compassion that Cara and Stephen both exhibit on the reg. Yes, he might be a little prone to violence and elitism. But damn it, at least John isn't a complete idiot when it comes to the future of an entire race.

4. Ultra totally knew about it. Ultra is consistently a step ahead of the Tomorrow People, which is just sad considering which group in that rivalry has telepathic abilities. Given the track record, you'd think the Tomorrow People would be a little more weary, but not when there's a party to crash. Ultra got the intel from Kurt, who left camp to visit his mother. It's not that the TP didn't know about Kurt's exploits. He already got a good scolding for it earlier in the episode. And then there's Stephen, who admitted that he might have been the mole without meaning to, since the leader of Ultra has access to poke around his mind. So, with two known breaks in their own security provisions, Cara still goes pro-party.

Of course, to be fair, there is one good thing that came out of the decision to base the entire episode around a desire to party: Astrid looked amazing in her party dress. She's not a Tomorrow Person, but she's more interesting than most of them and her maybe-crush on Stephen is probably his most redeeming quality. And seriously, she looked adorable.

What do you think about this week's episode?

Image: The CW