FYI: Their Prostates Are Healthy

So, this happened, ICYMI: This morning Matt Lauer and Al Roker got prostate exams on Today to promote getting prostate exams in real-life — and they did it while the cameras were rolling live, because honestly, I don't think the Today show knows what to do with all of the airtime NBC has given them. How many hours is their show up to now, like 10? Save them from themselves before they just start staring at the cameras helplessly while Kathy Lee and Hoda chug wine bottle after wine bottle in the background. This is how anarchy begins.

Anyway, Lauer and Roker's prostate exams: You'll all be glad to know they went well! As the segment begins, Savannah Guthrie informs us all that they'll be doing this thing "in a tasteful way...this is not The Learning Channel" — a.k.a., nothing like the time Kathie Couric got a colonoscopy on live television. Lauer and Roker actually go into a room with Lenox Hill urologist Dr. David Samadi separately, and the examination is conducted behind closed doors while Guthrie discusses men's health to pass the time.

I get the whole idea behind this segment — they wanted to promote men's health for the month of November, and what better way to remind people to get a prostate exam than to shove it in their face before they've even had their morning coffee? Short of showing Lauer and Roker actually getting their exams, there's no better way. Unfortunately, the entire thing just comes off as awkward and forced instead of educational, so...mission only partially accomplished. Sorry, Today:

You can check out the clip from the segment below.