Here's Some Tortoises Eating Tiny Pancakes, Because Trust Me, You Have No Idea How Much You Need This Until It's Happening To You — VIDEO

Miniature means cute, in almost every scenario (save important issues like nachos or beer sizes). For example, date night with spaghetti dinner sounds pretty normal to moderately adorable—but make it miniature so it's tiny hamster date night with tiny spaghetti plates and it is stupid adorable. See how it goes? That identical logic applies to tiny tortoises eating tiny pancakes, thus making the video itself eligible as probably the most endearing thing you will see this fine Tuesday.

In the wild, apparently tortoises prefer to dine on a mix of fruits, veggies, plants, and some legumes. But that's for the uncivilized tortoise, clearly. These polished gents are much too high-brow for something as peasant-y as apples. Or maybe they're ladies? It's hard to tell with names like Oz, Tails, George, and Ralph. Regardless, this crew seems to appreciate the hard-earned craftsmanship of an excruciatingly short stack. Let's call it diner chic in addition to the obvious: Outrageously adorable. Anyway, in this precious new video we get to witness firsthand as these reptilian cuties go all ham on this breakfast classic—only it's the opposite of super-sized. These pancakes are, instead of silver dollars, more like dimes. Sadly, I see no syrup in this footage, but that's honestly probably for the best.

The drama! The intrigue! The PINK TONGUE! The thing in full below:

As it turns out—or as at least Google reveals—turtles and pancakes have somewhat of a longstanding relationship. Did you know people make pancakes shaped as turtles? Sometimes famous turtles? Observe:

Ninja Turtle pancakes tutorial

Suddenly all my childhood sleepovers now seem incomplete. Or lacking, at least.

Docile turtle pancakes tutorial

Cute! Less crime-fighting, more chillin' in warm areas (like the surface of a frying pan). And finally, we have:

The official theme song of turtles and pancakes together

Everyone, sing along!

Images: YouTube(2)