This Chill Wildlife Instagram Account Will Make Even The Least Outdoorsy Person Feel Like One With Nature — PHOTOS

Being one with nature is a loose concept for me. I like patios, hiking (which in LA is pretty much a leisurely walk outside) and running into cute dogs on the trail. I can stomach the occasional camping trip, but it's mostly because I have an affinity for grilling and drinking near a tent I "helped" pitch. The actual tent pitching and storing your food way up in a tree part is less exciting. (Pretty much, it's just a hurdle that stands between me and a somewhat uncomfortable night's sleep.) What I'm saying is, this Chill Wildlife Instagram is exactly my speed. I'm particularly fond of the part where I don't have to leave my desk (okay, my living room floor) to appreciate ~nature~.

The artist behind the account is Jeff Hamada, a Japanese Canadian artist. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, which explains his exceptionally scenic lifestyle. He's also the founder of Booooom, a huge art blog that exploded* in 2008.

*sad pun, who caught it?

Anyway, if you're not headed out on a family "camping trap" this year (yes, that's a concept I adopted from The Parent Trap), then this account has you covered. Enjoy it from the comforts of your own home. Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, you could step outside and THEN pull out your phone. Whatever floats the boat you probably won't be on because you're probably opting out of canoe camping.

Much nature:

Chill dogs

My kind of nature.

Chill duck

~Don't go chasin' waterfalls~

Chill ponies

BRB making this my screensaver.

Chill cat

How To: Spot Someone While Lifting Weights.

Chill bear


This account is pretty much your one stop shop for generic cuteness needs, nature vibes and all things ridiculous. Follow Chill Wildlife and there's a 15% chance you'll be an excessively chill person by tomorrow morning.

Images: ChillWildlife/Instagram