Most Men Would Rather Give Up Booze And Sex Than Become Vegetarians, Survey Finds, Because They Would Be "Lost" Without Meat

Question, what do men love more than anything in the world? More than alcohol? More than sports? More than sex, even? That would be meat. That's right. Meat. A recent survey conducted by UK meat brand Peperami 1,000 men found that the majority of men would rather give up sex, alcohol, and TV before becoming vegetarians.

They found that 88 percent of men believe that it would be a challenge to become a vegetarian, while 62 percent of men would never even consider giving up meat altogether. Nearly 70 percent of men eat some form of meat with almost every single meal and 81 percent believe that they would be “lost” without meat in their diets. Ron Swanson would be proud.

A Peperami spokesman told Produce Business UK, “Meat is an important part of most people’s diet and it seems that there are a lot of things men would rather give up ahead of the food … It’s evident that red-blooded males who love meat still exist, and they won’t be giving up meat anytime soon.”

According to the survey, here are 21 things men would rather do than forego their meat-eating lifestyles:

1. Give Up Facebook/Social Media

2. Give Up Chocolate

3. Shave Their Head

4. Give Up Cigarettes

5. Give Up Alcohol

6. Get A Wax

7. Go Skinny-Dipping

8. Give Up Tea Or Coffee

9. Stop Going To The Bar

10. Give Up Their Cell Phones

11. Give Up TV

12. Swim With Sharks

13. Give Up Sex

14. Go Streaking Through Town

15. Have Their Mother-in-law Move In

16. Quit Their Jobs

17. Sell Their Cars

18. Give Up The Internet

19. Break-Up With Their Partner

20. Stop Seeing Their Best Friend

21. Stop Seeing Family

Just to make things clear, men would rather shave their heads, swim with sharks, give up the internet, and break up with their partners in order to get some of this?

Guess the saying is true after all, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Good to know.

Images: Syda Productions/Fotolia; Giphy(23), maineyac/GIFSoup