Lucky Magazine Is Changing To Quarterly Releases In Order To Stand Out In The Print Market

Say it ain't so, Lucky Mag. According to Fashionista, Lucky Magazine is changing to quarterly releases, making this month’s May issue the last of their monthly schedule. Sad face! As if the news of former editor-in-chief Eva Chen leaving wasn’t a bummer enough. However, I hope this means that Lucky Magazine will supply a lot more fun content with each issue from now on.

You can for sure expect denser issues because it’s been confirmed that September’s issue will have better paper quality, so not only will there be more content, but it will also have a “premium ‘collectible’ feeling" to it. Make room for it on your coffee table!

CEO of The Lucky Group, Josh Berman told Adweek that the reason why Lucky will be changing up their print schedule is because it, “matches the consumer habits,” and that it makes them stand out amongst all the other magazines in print marketplace. By doing this, they’re “seeing the fashion industry use print as a differentiator and as a tool to reach the audience/customer in a different way,” Berman said. The fresh look that they’re going for is great however, this change has brought about a total of 14 staffers laid off since February. Hopefully they’ll be able to offer more positions in the future, but until then I suppose we’ll have to wait until September for any more Lucky news.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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