15 Books As Enchanting As The Harry Potter Series, Since You've Already Read Them A Million Times

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Once upon a time you used to wait in line for the next perfectly crafted Harry Potter book, dressed in robes bearing your house crest (and maybe even wearing some HP-inspired earrings). You would read the book in one night, and fall asleep hugging it like a teddy bear, because the world of Hogwarts was magical and the students there were your best friends. You even bought the Harry and Hermione Barbie dolls, which came with a chocolate frog-scented bracelet, which you wore every day even though it smelled more like plastic than chocolate.

But then disaster struck: You held the final book in your hands. You finished the last page. And even though it was amazing and beautiful, reading the words “all was well” meant that it was actually, truly over. So you scrambled to find books to fill the gaping hole in your heart: Percy Jackson, Eragon, even Game of Thrones… but the problem with the Harry Potter broken heart is that it can never really be fixed. The only remedy is to 1) reread the series again and again, crying and eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and to 2) find other books that can cast a spell, because you can only read your paperback Sorcerer’s Stone a certain number of times until it completely disintegrates. (JK. Like you only have one copy.)

Image: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

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