Ed Sheeran Says Performing With Beyonce Made Him Feel Like A True Rockstar Because, Duh, She's Beyonce — VIDEO

If anyone can make an everyday person — or even a celebrity — feel like a true star, it's Queen Bey. While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Ed Sheeran said Beyoncé makes him feel like a rockstar, and that performing with her is the only time he'll ever feel like a true rocker. Basically, everyone should bow down to Beyoncé for making even the biggest of celebs feel even more famous than they already are. After being asked "what's the biggest rockstar moment you've had," Sheeran told EW,

Playing with Beyoncé. That’s the only point I’ve felt like a rockstar. In my own shows, I’m still quite an awkward British dude with an acoustic guitar. But when you’re on stage with Stev[i]e Wonder’s band, Gary Clark Jr. and Beyoncé and then they give you an electric guitar to play … that’s when you can feel a bit rock-y.

I have a feeling many other singers performing with Beyoncé would agree. Can you imagine standing up on stage with Bey and singing a tribute to legend Stevie Wonder? That has "rockstar moment" written all over it. You know, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Sheeran feels this way about the former Destiny's Child singer. Remember that time Sheeran covered "Drunk in Love"? I wonder if he felt like a rockstar while singing one of Queen Bey's songs? Seeing as he wasn't singing with her, I'm going to say no. However, if you ask me, that cover was a true rocker moment.

With that said, even when Sheeran's on a stage all by himself, he's one amazing rockstar. Ed, you don't need Beyoncé to be a rockstar — at least not for me.