Ashley Benson Takes Over "Fashion Magazine" & Reveals That She's a Fan of Jennifer Lawrence

You don’t have to be a fan of Haleb in order to fangirl over Ashley Benson's takeover of Fashion Magazine in Canada. If you watch the Pretty Little Liars series, then you probably know her as Hanna Marin, but Benson has also played roles in films such as Spring Breakers, Chronically Metropolitan, and her latest upcoming movie called Pixels. In this issue of Fashion, Benson opens up about her career, her inspirations, and her relationship with Tyler J. Blackburn.

As a young actress, Benson is constantly trying to grow and improve her skills and told Fashion that she learned the most through shooting Spring Breakers. Many of you who have watched the movie probably didn’t realize that some parts were actually unplanned and improvised on the spot. As convincing as her improvisation may have been, Benson said that she’s never done improv before. “Even when they weren’t supposed to be filming or we knew that anyone was filming, the cameras were on. Diving into a character like that — a crazy, drug addicted party girl who has no fear whatsoever? That was liberating.”

The 25-year-old actress also revealed that she is a J. Law fan. She loves how Lawrence breaks, "the mold of what Hollywood stars are supposed to act like," and because of it she, "look[s] up to her so much." Benson continued, "Actors should stop acting when the cameras are off."

The next time you walk by a local newsstand and see Benson's piercing blue eyes staring out at you, be sure to snag an issue so you can read the rest of the interview.

Images: itsashbenzo, fashioncanada/Instagram (2)