A Los Angeles Singer and Social Media Guru Shows Us A Perfect Weekend In Her City

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The thing I love most about Los Angeles is that it's so diverse. LA is a city of transplants, so finding someone who is actually from LA is like finding a needle in a haystack. I love that I can meet someone who comes from a completely different background from me every time I leave my house.

Happily, LA is almost always in a state of summer, so this has played a big role in how I dress. I love summery clothes like dresses, rompers, shorts, flowy pants, and sundresses. I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to fashion, but I still like to look cute, which is kind of how I would describe my outfit choices. Case in point: I'm currently obsessed with joggers, which are basically fancy sweatpants. You can wear them with everything and they're so comfy.

In partnership with Sunglass Hut, I'm giving you a peek into my life in LA -- and the "I-just-threw-this-on" fashion that goes along with it.

This post is sponsored by Sunglass Hut. Sunglass Hut is celebrating the summer in style with the Electrify Your Summer Tour. Find out more here!

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