Vanessa Hudgens Posts Minimal Makeup Selfie, Proving She Looks Just As Good Sans Smoky Eyes

It looks like the #WokeUpLikeThis movement is still going strong because another celeb just hopped on the bandwagon. Vanessa Hudgens posted a makeup free selfie on Instagram, and looks absolutely gorgeous (obviously), showing us all that she is just as glam without all that heavy makeup that we usually see her in.

Every celebrity has a certain signature beauty look — Taylor Swift has her red lip and winged liner, Lorde's thing is her violet lipstick color, and Hudgens' is smoky eye-makeup. It's very rare to catch the actress without dark shadow on her lids or at least some thick eyeliner around her eyes. I don't blame her for it though — as someone who has dark facial features like Hudgens, I opt for smoky looks often too as the opaque makeup accentuates our charcoal eyes. But I've got to say it's refreshing to see what's really underneath all that product, and we now know the answer is flawless, baby-smooth skin.

The photo shows a close-up shot of the Gigi star with her head slightly angled to the side, so you can really get a good look at her skin. Although the image appears to be skin-only, the caption doesn't include any #NoMakeup commentary, so she could be wearing minimal makeup of some sort (perhaps a tiny bit of eyeliner?). Nevertheless, she is sporting damp hair, insinuating that she is fresh out of the shower, although she's also holding something called the Wet Brush, so it's possible this is indeed her natural skin.

How beautiful is she?!