Lady Gaga's Lip Plumping Mask Is The Cutest (And Least Invasive) Way To Get Fuller Lips

If you weren't blessed with a pillowy pout (thanks, Mom and Dad!), there are a lot of different ways that you can get that Kylie-approved set of smoochers, but I have to say: Lady Gaga's lip plumping mask is probably the cutest way you can gain some lip volume. I mean, let's be honest. Would you rather go through the trouble of getting lip fillers or sit with a fun and freaky lip mask on, while you binge watch Netflix? Don't worry, I know what you all said.

Earlier today, Gaga posted a picture of her lips on Instagram. Well, actually, it was a picture of her lips under this mask that doesn't really look like a mask at all. What it really looks like is one of those sucker candies with the crazy big lips, or the really weird pacifiers with lips on the outside. But instead of either of those, Gaga was puckering up to the camera wearing a Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch on. As Gaga captioned, the collagen lip mask is "good for hydrating and plumping" without needles (and yes, she used the needle dripping blood emoji) or "silly bruising."

The best part about this Korean beauty mask is that you can get it for yourself (and it's totally affordable). Now, I can't say that I'm about to click my way to Kiss Kiss heaven, and although the reviews don't seem very promising, if Gaga is using it, I'm sure it works.

And here's where you can shop the product:

Tony Moly Lip Mask, $4, Amazon